Changes at Mirador

We welcome the new administration of Hostel Mirador: Camilo Donato and Karen Kaczala. This change brought several changes to the hostel. The main one is the incorporation of PERMACULTURE to our everyday life at the hostel. 

Now all our guest are invited to join us in our daily activities of taking care of our medicinal and organic gardens, asking for tips and learning. Our guest will have chance to learn in practice how to take care of the plants and how to make their own systems of permanent agriculture.

Periodically we organize workshops with durations from 1 day to 1 week with theoretical and practical part. Camilo and Karen have over 6 years of practice carried out around Latin America, giving importance to the self-managed practices in organic and medicinal gardens, composting methods, recycling, conscious consumption and bio-construction.

We invite our guests to be part of this beautiful project, to learn and have fun in community, and have a different than usual hostel life experience.