Chiapas is a state rich in expressions of folklore and customs that fill the streets of its villages with excitement and celebrations, arising curiosity, interest and admiration. The beauty of the costumes, the mysticism of the music, the intensity of the colors and sounds, dances, rituals and processions are part of everyday life of different ethnic groups living in Chiapas.

The influence and involvement of the Catholic Church for centuries could not erase the indigenous pre-Hispanic rituals, in some cases blending the two to give rise to pagan religious celebrations that still take place today. There are various indigenous villages around the municipality of San Cristobal, some easily accessible, preserving their customs and ancestral customs, where you can find endless religious celebrations throughout the year.

Below you will find a calendar of these festivities:


January 15 to 23, Chiapa de Corzo - Fiesta de San Sebastian

Chiapa de Corzo welcomes the integration of Mestizos with a communal ritual, the most intense in the world of Chiapas: a festival of Parachicos. This festival is famous for the colorful parade of Parachicos with masked dancers and parade of cars transformed into allegory on front of which there is a representation of legendary figure of the benefactor Doña Maria de Angulo. The simulation of a naval battle with fireworks takes place in the river the night of 21 January.

February 2, Cinatalpa The Candeleria - The main festival of Cinalapa

In Socoltenango, the faithful bring branches adorned with leaves, fruit, bread, toys and other objects to the church. Start on Palm Sunday and ends with Holy Week, San Cristobal de Las Casas - Fair of Spring and Peace. The most important festival of the city, with different social and cultural events, dances, and marimba bands.

Beginning of June, Tuxtla Gutierrez International Festival of Marimba

This festival brings together prominent performers of marimba from several countries.

June 9 to 15, Simojovel Fiesta San Antonio - Festival of the saint in the land of amber

It is also celebrated in many Tojolabal and Tzeltal communities with procession.

June 24 to 26, various places Fiesta de San Juan

Particularly important in San Juan Chamula, where the whole village celebrates with procession, when the statues of saints are taken from the church and walked around the main plaza. Join for drinking, eating and thunderflashes.

July 17 to 25, San Cristobal de Las Casas Fiesta de San Cristobal Martyr
July 25, Tenejapa Fiesta de Santiago Apostol

The authorities come to church carrying candles, incense and posh as an offering to the Lord, they ask for welfare of every community through prayers.

September 13 to 16, the whole state

In Chiapas the holidays last longer because it adds the conclusion of day 14, when the federation to Mexico in 1824 is celebrated.

1-2 November, the whole state All Saints Day and Day of the Dead

Offerings are placed in tombs to honor deceased. There are special dishes prepared as part of  caters for, altars are decorated with candles and flowers, along with relatives who spend the day accompanying their dead and pray for their souls.

December 12, the whole state Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe

Celebrations of the saint patron of Mexico with pilgrimages that arrive to the Church of Guadalupe in the capital but also in all other churches around the country. This is a big festival  in San Cristobal de Las Casas – don’t miss it!

December 24-25, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Before these dates, posadas are organized when friends meet to break piñatas, share food and drinks.