San Cristobal is without a doubt a town of musicians full of passion and life.  Many start their music adventure here, many great musicians make it their home while some establish and reunite with other musicians to create their own music.

Here, we witnessed beginnings and bloom of a French band Zumbido, now travelling with their concerts in Europe.

San Cristobal is filled with bars and restaurants, where in the evening you can experience a unique style of Son Jarocho, traditional music from Veracruz, dance to Cuban salsa with live music, vibrant music from the Southern Italy, move to the reggae rhythms, reflect and listen to the outstanding jazzy voice of Lucy SessionsThere are no cover fees, just buy your pint or tequila!

Apart from the bars, you will see musicians playing on the street as well as during the day on the main pedestrian streets of Andador Eclesiastico and Andador Guadalupano. Our favourite recommended places for live music, food and wine are:


San Cristobal is a paradise for those who are interested in yoga, spirituality and natural medicine. There are several places offering variety of yoga classes to cater to different needs.

There is also a Buddhist Centre and an Urban Ashram offering meditation, lectures and a possibility for finding your inner peace. There are meditations, courses, workshops, massages, all kind of therapies, shops with natural and organic products and an organic market twice a week.

The offer is unlimited! These are just a few of the many places for spiritual development:


San Cristobal is well known for its alternative vibe, with an important contribution of travelling artists from all over the world.

There are few cultural centres in San Cristobal with a weekly program of performances, music, events, just next to regular classes such as belly dance, air yoga or theatre workshops.


When talking about culture, we must mention alternative and independent films, which you will have chance to watch at KinokiKinoki presents documentaries on Zapatistas, local problems and Mexican cinema every night. Another option for cinema amateurs is Cinema club at Paloma Restaurant every Wednesday. Don’t miss art gallery of Kiki Suarez, just next door.

The busiest time to visit San Cristobal, high season and high prices is for the Easter Holiday. This is when Feria de la Primavera y la Paz takes place – it’s a whole week filled with live concerts and events.

Every year in October the town bursts with life due to Festival Internacional Cervantino Barroco, so take advantage of this great cultural event.


There is no better place to learn Spanish than San Cristobal.  There are five well known schools with Spanish classes - all of them receive good reviews, good reputation and have similar prices, so we cannot recommend you one:

Another reason to learn Spanish in San Cristobal is that people here - locals and foreigners - are very friendly and they will have a lot of patience and understanding for your effort in learning a new language. You will have plenty of opportunities in San Cristobal to practice your Spanish.


The temazcal is an ancient indigenous tradition of America. The structure consists of a small dome made of wooden poles covered with cloth. This creates a circular space inside that is perfectly sealed when the door is closed.

Temazcal is usually done in groups, where you sit in a circle inside the structure and red-hot stones are brought and placed in the centre. The door is closed and water is poured over the stones, creating a very intense cloud of steam, turning the space into a stifling hot oven that forces you to sweat and cleanse your body of toxins.

Chants and songs are sung, and people talk while more hot stones and aromatic herbs are brought inside making the heat almost overwhelming. 

If you are interested in participating in a temazcal ceremony, talk to us, and will contact you with one.