Los Chunta

The tradition of the chuntás has marked the cultural history of Chiapa de Corzo, thanks to the brotherhood and the deshibición of the men, who show their roots to the compass of the drum and reed. The Chuntá (Chuntá, word of Chiapas origin that means servant) are people of the masculine sex who disguise themselves as women to imitate the old servants of Doña María de Angulo, who along with other Spanish servants (today Parachicos) went from house to house distributing corn, beans, legumes and fruits.

The Chuntá visit the temples of San Jacinto, El Calvario, San Gregorio, Santo Domingo, private homes and the Plaza de Chiapa. To understand, explain and interpret the cultural meanings of these characters must be internalized in the feeling of the people of Chiapas.

[Translation of the text from the website of Tierra de lo Grande]