Southeast of the city of Ocosingo is the Lacandon Jungle. This jungle contains over 4000 plant species, 345 documentated birds, 114 mammals and an unknown number of insects, many waiting to be discovered.

Within this dense forest, there exists Laguna Miramar, the largest lake in the Lacandon Jungle.

This beautiful pristine lake resides inside the official Montes Azules biosphere reserve. The four ejidos [communal landholdings] that border it have agreed to use no motorized boats on the lake and to keep a 1km band around it free of settlement and farming.

To get to Laguna Miramar you must first get to a small village known as Ejido Emiliano Zapata. The lake is a 7km walk from the village. Once you get to the village ask around for a guide to take you to the lake.

If you wish to stay the night, you can camp there and rent a canoe. Bring your own provisions. There is a local store however, it may not have what you want. You may want to avoid coming between June and October during the rainy season, when most of the year's 200mm of rain falls, and roads and paths turn to swamps.

The best time to visit Laguna Miramar will definitely be between the months of November to May to experience not only the Lacandon Jungle but the serenity the lake and environment it brings.