Less than an hour's drive from Comitan and 3 hours from San Cristobal, on the border between Mexico and Guatemala, are the Lagos de Montebello (Lakes of Montebello).

There are over 50 lakes of different colours here: they all reflect turquoise blues and greens, and coupled with the scenic backdrop of the surrounding mountains and forests, the area is great for a whole day's exploration. If you are not in rush, you can stay a couple of nights by the lake-side. Lago Ciscao offers best infrastructure and camping side for few days stay.

The lakes have a calm, serene and relaxing atmosphere; the air is sweet and pure. During busy times because of the large area, you will always find a quiet corner to contemplate and be surrounded by some of nature's most wonderful creations.

Small boats and makeshift rafts (made from tree trunks tied together) are available for hire at most of the larger lakes, in case you want to go out on the water and get a view from the lakes themselves. Ask locally for details and barter your price as fees are not fixed.

You are allowed to bathe in the lakes, so if you like swimming in natural waters, pack your swimming gear, although changing facilities are limited, so you'll have to 'rough it' in that respect.

You can bring your own food and drink, or eat locally at one of the many food stalls, cafes and restaurants dotted around the main lakes.